Strictly Dance Fever - Paul and Pam!

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CheekyChops | 23:05 Sat 13th May 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Oh my gosh - I really expected this pair to stay in! Who on earth keeps voting for JP and Stacey?


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my Paul spent 4 weeks in the mansion cheekychops, and he said yesterday that paul and pam were not the most popular with the public. he said they or JP and stacey would go, apparently, the winners from last year only lasted a very short time (1 week) in the west end show and were sacked (alledgedly) so this year the producers wanted to be sure of the standard, this way, there will defo be the best couples in the finals, it;'s all tactics u see.
I have never watched this programme before, but just happened to see the 'dance off' at the end, and I thought the two who stayed danced the most entertaining and enjoyable dance I have ever seen on a programme of this sort. I didn't see the other couple, so can't comment, but thought these two were really enjoying themselves.
I thought Pam and Paul deserved to stay in. Stacey has the elegance of a cart horse.
are you really arlene aliceband?
Just stating my opinion Dot.hawkes
I was glued to it lastnight - I havent watched the whole series but I thought JP and Stacey looked as though they were really enjoying themselves.

I was realy sorry that Dots Paul and the Irish builder were thrown out a week or so ago.

Ok they looked like dogs but so what, they could have danced on radio, couldnt they ?

I know a few people who vote for JP - i think he works hard and is a trier.

Last night's two had talked themselves out by behaving so plonkily and then letting it upset their practice so they danced so badly - and it showed

Peter paul does not look like a dog you cheeky git! he is looking really toned and fit, he worked for me Thursday/ friday and lots people were delighted for him and congratulated him on his success. He is a smashing guy and has lots of great friends, he told June Sarpong last night how much confidence the competition has given him and he will get the career he wants, he cannot do that until after this series finishes as he is dancing in the final group dance in the last episode, but he will have achieved so much on his skill, talent, hard work and personality.

Paul and Pam were out because they were possibly the only couple who could possibly compete against the couples who the producers want in the final. maybe JP and stacey are being manipulated but it is a competition after all.

Dot, who do you think they want in the final? I like little Hollie, Ben & Steph & Lana & Darren. Stacey is good but she doesnt look right with JP, its not that shes overweight, she is just too big for him (e.g. her shoulders are wider than his, her head is bigger than his). It surprises me some of the pairings they made! Stacey would have been better with someone tall and JP would have been better with someone petitie, maybe like Hollie x:)

Poglet - you're so right about Stacey. Yes, she is a good mover but she is just too big for this sort of competition. Poor JP looks to struggle everytime he has to lift her. She is just too chubby (gorgeous but chubby) There I've said it. Oh yes and by the way - I'm well chubby too, so not 'dissing' big girls, just saying that in my opinion, dancers should be slimmer.

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Strictly Dance Fever - Paul and Pam!

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