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penlid | 23:12 Thu 04th May 2006 | Media & TV
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this answer will contain a LOST spioler

u have sed that u hav seen the complete second season of lost. i would like to know if u cud tel me how the plane crashed and why. thanks


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she hasnt seen the whole 2nd best she has seen 20 episodes(the 20th was broadcast yesterday).

and to answer your question.....we still dont know.

actually matt i have seen episode 23

and at the end of episode 23 you still dont know, hence they are making a third series

hmm whats that smell ?

ep 20 was only broadcast yesterday - so basically your claim is utter tosh.

darlin, get a life!! i know what i have seen, it aint i have said before i have a mate in the US who posts them to me.

he downloads them and posts them off-easy!!

he did the same with friends for me..i saw series 6 when you were all watching the end of series 5!!..great when you have contacts

oh look at that.......20 episodes so far......who'd have thought.

well it seems you are actually ahead of the u.s. darlin,which is basically impossible but well done anyway.say hi to your mate for me ;-)

i also watch them straight from the states

shock horror....23 episodes!!!!!!

get your facts right in future

as i said, its WHO you know!!!!!

as we say in scotland....get it up ye!!!!

i apologise....22 episodes!!

blush blush blush!!

but i still have seen past episode 20 which you claim i havent!!

cant get on that site so cant where you are wrong !

so see you jimmy,och aye the noo etc etc ;-)

ps on my official link you will see that ep 20 was only broadcast yesterday.i think the extra 3 ep's you have seen are repeats and/or compilation ep's(i know last week's was)

i can tell you what happens in 21 and 22 and they aint compilations or repeats....i dont want to spoil it for anyone tho

my email addy is

i am not lying and i have seen them...they may have only broadcast episode 20 yesterday, but the other 2 were made a while ago!!

look......cos its you i'll give you the benefit of the doubt :-)

big answerbank stylee hugs !

HUGE hugs and kisses back


......but secretly you know im right !



you are a cheeky monkey!!!


Now now, children.

That "Lost media" site is a fan site that lists (incorrectly - more reliable sources list 23) episodes in S2. So what?

I'd be more convinced by a detailed recap of ep 23 (before the 17/5 - it's due on 24/5, but I guess review copies may be available in advance like with "Prison Break"). Or is this like the "War of the Worlds 2" bloke a few weeks back?

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