wierd film-does anyone know the name?

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LizzieJ | 22:52 Wed 26th Apr 2006 | Media & TV
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Hi, my firend and i were discussing wierd films we'd seen-she started describing this film which sounds great but doesn't know the name. She said it featured a scientist or doctor who could make the earth tilt and when this happened everyone on earth disapeared. It featured 4 or so characters who were the only ones left on earth and the end of the film had one male character walking along the beach on his own, as the last man on earth. I know I'm asking for a miracle but does anyone know what on earth this film is?

Thanks and fingers crossed!



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Could it be this

I remember seeing it years ago, its a great film

Question Author

Thanks, Texol, it sounds like that's the one!

;-) ;-)

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wierd film-does anyone know the name?

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