How can i get a part acting?

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nancie | 17:00 Thu 13th Apr 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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I think I am a good actress, always got good grades and reviews at school. Im thinking about going to drama school, however if a bit part came up tommorow how would i apply for it? How would i know about it?


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nancie, the best thing to do is buy a paper called ''The Stage'' or there may even be a website for this,,,, you can have a look at all auditions coming up for various things,,, girl/boy groups, theatre, t.v parts, even films. then just pop along to the casting / audition and see what happens! its also very good practice for the future because at Drama school you will be asked to audition for all sorts of thing!

Good Luck. x

Hi Nance, Get a copy of "The Stage", this gives you "jobs" you can audition for. You will need to attend auditions, so make sure you have a good "set piece", that you know off by heart. A passage from Shakespeare, that sort of thing. Also a song and dance routine that you can do well. Not all auditions will require this though.

Wishing you every success in your chosen career,

"Break a Leg".

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cheers guys!!
the stage website is...

hope this helps

good luck xxx
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How can i get a part acting?

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