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Roughquest | 23:32 Fri 07th Apr 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Hi All,

I have just watched the latest episode of CSt where Mike Baldwin dies in Ken Barlow's he genuinely retired or is he ill? I ask because after that episode they showed a documentry on his life in CSt and when he was being interviewed I could have sworn I saw a hole in his neck near his adam's apple.....either that or Ive been hallucinating again....

RQ x


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I did read that he suffers from SAD and he's spending more time in Florida ... not heard of anything else
Just watched the recording from earlier this evening frame by frame...his neck looks fine, maybe a few wrinkles but as he's 70, you may expect that...
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Ah must have been something on his collar then, he was wearing a black shirt......does appear that i was hallucinating then.....

Case closed, thanks.

RQ xx

Roughquest, Johnny Briggs wanted to leave Corrie. He's retiring to Florida. If he really had Alzheimers's he would never have been able to act. No other illness has been mentioned:-))

he was on GMTV last week and he looked great wouldn't believe he's 70. i was quite disappointed with last nights corrie didn't think it did him any justice anyway RIP mike

I cried my eyes out, it reminded me of how frail my Dad became towards the end although he died of cancer and nothing to do with Altzeimers.

I felt it was acted very well but I was disappointed only with how he died, by this I mean I wanted him to just slowly slip away in Ken's arms, after everything they have been thru, and have everyone around him. I know life isn't always like that & soaps try to do as real to life as poss. I just felt it would have been a much more fitting tribute to such a long term character. I shall miss him in it.
I hope that makes sense and hasn't offended.

Right there with you Wingnut. Not about the CS episode - i didn't catch it. I just noticed the first part of your post, and although irrelevent, i felt i had to post something as its a situation I'm dealing with on my own right now, and its nice to find familiarity.
Wiccankitten, I did'nt watch the final episode,seeing Mike change over the months brought back memories of my beloved Dad who had Alzeimers. Im the same watching anyone dying of cancer as I lost my lovely Mum to that. I know we must all move on and I have but watching things like this do bring back bad memories. We're always here for you, I wish you all the best xx
Thanks FINA, thats really sweet of you.
(I lost my Grandmother to altzheimers last year. She is dearly missed.)

Last May it was confirmed that my Dad, (the single most intelligent man i have ever had the pleasure of knowing) had little over a year left to live, he has a brain tumour, of the most critical type.
Its been so hard to watch him lose his independance, especially seeing as my mum has been so awful to him, and is trying to move my younger brother and sister (who are 7 and 6) as far away from him as possible. I feel terrible for my siblings, i can't be there for either of them, as my mum has disowned me for standing by my Dad. I'm 18, and i am finding it so hard to cope, god knows how they'll deal with things, if I am finding it hard.

I'm getting married in september, and i so wish that he could be there to give me away. Fortunately, he really gets on with my fiance, so i know wether he's here in person or just in spirit, i will have his support.

(thats my rant - sorry about that, but its so rare that i talk about it, and i guess it all comes out when i do get going.)
wiccankitten. Im so sorry about your Dad,I understand your feelings of helpnessness but you can only do what you can do so please try not to feel guilty. I agree,it must be terrible for the younger ones not being able to see their Dad and I hope that one day your mum will see just what she's lost as you seem like a very caring person. Is there no way you can get to see your siblings? I think no matter what went on between your parents is'nt helping you or your siblings having to keep away from each other. Rant anytime xx
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I am not going loopy afterall, I watched the repeat of 'Farewell Mike' today (Sunday) and he definitely has a hole in his neck !!! I videod it and played it back and paused it - ITS A HOLE ALRIGHT, almost like he has had a tracheotomy but in the wrong place and not such a large hole, but there is a hole there ! HONEST.

Why ?

Hey FINA - thanks honey, that so sweet.
I occasionally see them if i happen to be in winchester at the same time as them. Sorry its taken so long to reply, funnily enough i spent the last week in southhampton general hospital with my dad. We found out yesterday that he unfortunately has regrowth, and must choose between surgery, chemotherapy, or just to let go now. My mother has granted his wish to see the children for two hours on sunday. I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but i was truly privellaged to have not only known him, but to have him in my family. This last year has bought us even closer together, and although it has been hard, we have had quality time, which i'll never forget. x

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