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poppyj | 11:02 Sun 08th Dec 2002 | Media & TV
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Casualty always used to be set in London. And as Holby hasnt moved i assume it still is based around the capital. BUT every week the patients have this extremely annoying farmer joe accent as if they film it in the countryside. Its like the show has made up its own regional accent, but its geographically wrong! And if all the patients speak like it then why dont the doctors? Has anyone else noticed this? I find it really annoying!


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I thought it was based in Bristol?
It's set in Holby - it doesn't exist, but it's supposed to be somewhere out in the west country.
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ok, now i feel really stupid! dont ask why i thought it was set in london!!! thanks guys.
It's certainly filmed in Bristol - I think Holby (like the Archers' Ambridge) is geographically indeterminate.
Holby is a fictional city near Bristol, just as "The Archers "and Borsettshire is in the Midlands. I recall from the first episode it showed Charlie driving over the Clifton suspension bridge. I'm convinced it used to be called Holby General, and was surupticiously renamed Holby City so that when the spin off call Holby City was launched they could spell it "Holby Ci+y" in the same way they spell out "Casual+y" It is filmed in a large warehouse in Bristol, whereas Holby City is filmed in a disused office block next to Elstree studios in London.
hi, its definately set in bristol

holby is a spin-off from casualty

casualty started sep 6 1986
holby started sometimes in the 1990's

just shows that I pay more attention to Casualty
he he

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