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shortylilly | 20:07 Fri 24th Mar 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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I don't get this programme, where's the humour? Am i missing something?


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Yes - but then Im sure you are not alone.

Personally,I love it !

I love it too, Green Wing is great! Roll on Series Two.

Watch Scrubs instead. Quality show.

Yes you are definitely missing something. But don't worry about it. Can't wait for the new series.
At times the humour is very obvious and in other places it is much more subtle. Its great stuff.
i hate green wing,the o.c,24 and all that but i love curb your enthusiasm!
Roll on Friday!!!
You must be missing something - funniest programme I've seen in ages!
Lou Lou I think you're confusing this with The West Wing
The first series was excellent and i loved it .Im a bit worried though cos i have read two reviews of the second series and they have said it isnt as good? I do hope they are wrong - We will see!

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