Pensioner (almost) fight club

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gammaray | 11:26 Wed 15th Mar 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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is there any dignity in a 60 year old man slugging it out in a boxing ring? I'm talking, of course about the new Rocky movie with Sly Stallone.... at what point in the pre production meeting did this ever become a good idea?


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Sly Stallone is 60!!!!????
he's not doing bad for a 60 year old, tho in the realm of reality he would be trounced in the ring
he was inspired bt george foremans return to the ring
In Rocky 5 about 15 years ago I dont think he actually realy fought but was managing. I dunno the storyline for the new film but I wud think he cant possibly be actually fighting.

He has not had a hit since Cliffhanger I dont think. Apparently Rambo IV is also in pipeline. Surely he must be playing the part of old fart bloke who tries to talk him into giving up to the authorites.
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He actualy gets back in the ring to fight. Short of Money etc he feels it's his only chance to improve his situation.

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Pensioner (almost) fight club

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