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sarah_03uk | 11:11 Wed 08th Mar 2006 | Media & TV
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Does anybody else think that Pauline's new hubby Joe is very much like her old gay pal Derek who used to live with her not so long ago. They sort of look the same, act the same, talk and sound the I the only one who thinks this? x


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Now u mention it they do don't they.But he is begining to change now. Where is Derek anyway?

Funny he wasn't asked to the wedding isn't it.

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I have no idea where Derek went or why he left...

...oh, was it not something to do with his son/daughter?

Have no idea where he is just thought when you mentioned it. yes galltin why wasn't he at wedding that will bug me now why he left

Didn't derek go to live with his son or something?
Yes he was reconciled with his son and daughter and went to live with his son.

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