Big Mo and Bert

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majjan | 09:43 Wed 08th Mar 2006 | Media & TV
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What would you do if you came home to find Big Mo and Bert snogging on your sofa!


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<PRE>I would remove all light bulbs so as never to suprise myself like it again then i would depart in charlies taxi ' a la eastend style' never to return. What a horrific scene. </PRE>
..burn my sofa...
rip my clothes off and dive in for a sexy threesome!
Oh come on've just taken that tooooo far!! :o)
I'd be thankful I'd arrived home early enough, before they started doing anything else on my sofa....
Eastenders has got a thing about wrinkley sex! Pat and Patrick, Peggy and the new bloke, now Big Mo and Burt. Plus now we've got those two blimp sized lesbians Sonia & Naomi to sit through!

I would have done the same as Pauline. He is abusing her hospitality. He shouldn't have invited Mo in in the first place.

What did Pauline do?

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Big Mo and Bert

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