Most Pointless Celebrities...

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jump79 | 18:44 Tue 07th Mar 2006 | Media & TV
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It's embarassing to think that our generation will be remembered as the time when the biggest, most useless people gained fame and fortune(and not just in the media but politics too)!
Who, in your view, are the most pathetic and undeserving celebrities basking in the spotlight and for no logical reason whatsoever?? Is this a sign that our society is changing for the worse?


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that hairy bloke that presented the channel 4 coverage of the nme awards and who does the big brother aftershow toss.
John Prescott.
Justin Lee Collins
Davina McCall
Anyone who has been on Big brother!!!!
Pretty much any "supermodel" who are nothing but mindless clothes horses!

The Royal family

Abi Titmuss. Why? What For? When will she go away?
if she keeps gettin her kit off she can stay

in a world containing Angelina Jolie miss Titmuss is surely surplus to requirements

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As for me:
#1- Paris Hilton.... just for being rich and a Hilton???
#2- Pete Doherty... no talent, no looks, no life
#3-Chantelle-- do I need to give a reason?

-- will think of some more later.
Does Jolie ever get her kit off though ?

Celebrities in general. Also footballers. They're overrated, overpaid and I bet not one of them has saved anyone's life. Then there's people who do it everyday despite being underpaid. What has the world come to?!

Ulrikka Johnson

What a waste of space

Aren`t you all sounding like YOUR parents did when we were younger??? I remember my parents moaning about T.O.T.P & commenting about different "stars" of the day. And if a "love sceen" came on the tv..... Well! I can hear my father now saying "They get their money a lot easier than I do". We`re just being our parents all over.

My god mimi-moomoo you took the words right out of my mouth,spot-on!But can i just add 'uri gellar' to the list of 'Why are they here' too!
Anthea 'the perfect housewife' turner. What an absolute waste of time!
Jamie Theakston, Tara Palmer Thomkinson, Ian Wright, Davina McCall (good grief what does she do?) Pete Doherty, George Galloway, any divas such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna or Mariah Carey who make the most ridiculous demands and don't respect people. That Chico novelty guy, Jordan/Katie Price, I'd better stop as I could go on and on..........
Oh there are so many but I would have to go with publicity seeking self obsessed tart- and of course Queen of our Hearts, Princess Diana.
Kate Lawler, Johnny Vaughan, Chris Evans, Davina McCall, Leslie Grantham, Anita Dobson, Paris Hilton, Tony

I would definately have to go with Shabby Titsmuss.

Dreadful woman.

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Most Pointless Celebrities...

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