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itsallyellow | 16:44 Tue 21st Feb 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Can anyone tell me what characters have appeared already from DC comics in Smallvilen from the Justice League or as enemies of this? ie was the kid who stole Jonathans wallet to become the Flash? Who was the aquatic guy in S5? Are there anymore characters due to appear (wonder woman, cpt america). Have looked at various websites but I remain confused.


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I believe the kid in the season 4 episode "Run" is Flash.As for the guy in the season 5 episode "Aqua" he is Aquaman.There was talk a while back that this season would have an episode were Clark meets a young Bruce Wayne.However i don't think this will happen now till the next season.
Doubt if Cpt America will appear hes Marvel not DC

In the last episode of Smallville i downloaded (which was aired in the States last week if i remember well), Clark and Chloe meet this girl who i think might be a character from the Justice League - not sure though. Anyway, here's her story: a few months before she meets Clark, she and her mother were mugged in a dark street of Metropolis; her mother died, and the girl was stabbed in the heart. She had to have a heart transplant, and this is how she gets her powers; during the day, she works as a secretary for the Daily Planet, and at night she fights for justice in Metropolis. She wears a black leather costume and mask, she has long dark hair. Basically she has an amazing strenghth, and she can jump very high and fast, from building to building. Oh, and she always carries a bit of green cryptonite around her neck. Does this ring a bell to anyone?
Oh, and by the way, i just remembered: her name is Maya
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Wonder woman though there is no mention of an invisible plane thingy?
In addition to the flash and aquaman, Vic Stone appeared in the most recent episode in America

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Smallvile - Justice League

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