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lightoftruth | 10:56 Mon 20th Feb 2006 | Media & TV
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Is it just me or did it feel so good to see and slowly die on that spike(whilst spiked for added irony)


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yes andy got what he deserved!, lets see what happens to sam and russ now!
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Smallvilleck-i can tell u what happens if u want
can tell me i love spoilers
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Nicole dobs on Sam to her parents and they have a row (big suprise) abd sam says he won't turn himself in and tries to run away but nicole and carrie catch him sneaking off. another row ensues and rob offers to help sam escape and sam asks carrie to let him see sophie one last time and too nicole's disgust agrees. Thats as much as i know

if you want the ability to see the future by a tv with a 7day guide on it

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