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4getmenot | 10:50 Tue 31st Jan 2006 | Media & TV
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What were people views on the mermaid baby program lastnight? I was appauled by the way that doctor and the mayor used that poor baby. And after the baby had the operation for the mother to say 'I saw my daughter on the TV and she looked very happy' was appauling.


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I thought it was really sad, the way they referred to her as "Mermaid Baby" or "Fish baby", I was thinking her name is Milli Goddammit!! Also, when the surgery was live, and the mother was upset because the public and the press would know the outcome of her baby's operation before her.

I thought the Dr and the Politician were slimy gits, and blatantly doing it for notoriety rather than the welfare of the child. I always thought that somebody having major surgery should be as relaxed and calm as possible before going under the knife, but this beuatiful little girl was being shown through hundres of people with flashing lights, noise and microphones - and the fact that they were actually conduction interviews with the surgeon whilst he was operatin astounded me.

I know that a lot of the South American countries are so poor and corrput, but I just kept thining, that poor baby and her parents. I hope that they are all ok now and trying to live as normal a life as possible.

What got to me was that they'd never performed that operation before, and the surgeon saying that he 'dreamt' about how it should be done!! I was sitting there thinking, please tell us that you've done a lot of studying and research too.

It is pretty full on for us to watch, but it is a very different culture, and not only did they perform the first of many operations they also gave them a house to live in, and gave the father a job. They think they're doing the best for her, and maybe in their situation, they are.

I thought it made very uncomfortable viewing! Unbelievable the way in which this beautful little baby was used by both the doctor and the mayor to further their own careers! But I was also shocked at how her family and others from her village....even the hospital porter...assocciated her disfigurement with a curse, hard for us to believe that such superstition still exists!! Delighted though that she survived the operation and I hope that all future operations are as successful....and a lot less controversial!!

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