East Enders - Lisa & Phil Saga

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Wee Kaz | 11:50 Wed 09th Oct 2002 | Film, Media & TV
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Could someone help me? I haven't seen East Enders for ages the last I had seen Lisa was going to leave Mark and set up home with Phil and Lou and she seemed so happy and so did Phil (for a change) but I saw it the other night and Lisa had left Albert Square with Lou and had written on the mirror 'She's Mine' What the hell happended?


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How could you miss it? When Lisa left Mark, everyone in the square ostracised her ('cos Marks such a nice fella) and she was all lonely over at the Vic. Phil it seems wasn't really all that interested in Lisa at all, he just wanted lil' baby Louise... Lisa began to feel left out of her life cos Phil even hired a nanny. The final straw was when Peggy decided to hold a renaming party (from Louise Fowler to Louise Mitchell), so Lisa wigged out and took Louise off to Portugal to see Mel, with Phil hot on her tails. Cue Eastenders yearly overseas special methinks! I really need to get out more...
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Cheers Gigadave, at least I know what's going on for the next time. Are you sad enough to watch Family Affairs because I missed the part where Matt found out about Kelly and his Misses so I'd like to know how he did if you know? I think I'm the one who really needs to get out more!!!
Sorry but no. Even I have my limits.

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East Enders - Lisa & Phil Saga

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