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smurfchops | 15:15 Thu 04th Aug 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Is it just me getting old, or are a lot of adverts on TV really loud and annoying, and nothing to do with the product they are selling? Even switching to BBC can’t get away from it, they have their own irritating ads as well. Rant over. (For now).


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Well that Lloyds Bank one seems a bit stupid - black horses galloping - so what!

And it seems to be a law now that any family depicted in a TV advert has to be mixed race.
Ads are very annoying most of the time, but there is one at the moment that I absolutely love although not sure what it's advertising !! There are a lot of hot air balloons and a lovely song from my youth is being played throughout - Tod Rungdren's I saw the light in your eyes ...

I always turn it up and sing along - wonderful !
It's for bingo & the family has the obligatory black gent.
Bingo ?? I had no idea, I just LOVE the song lol ....
The reason they are so loud, is so that you can still hear them when you go to the kitchen to make a cuppa
The mixed-race thing is less of an issue than fat folk dancing about something or other.

Creatives all seem to have died.
a lot of adds give a false narrative, half the population are mixed race marriages, when it's not true, but it's all about making money, and not about reality.
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There are a few that just annoy me.

The girl saying we had Birds Eye? something. If the girl is on about a school then it unlikely that they would have a branded product - more likely a catering pack eg. Brakes etc.

The one where they have just moved in so do the washing - surely you’d do the washing before you move?
The ones where they are on a bike ride or run and then suddenly there are a row of washing machines in the middle of a field! Also the ones where a chef is preparing a meal in the middle of a field! But the ones that really annoy me are where they push a wall and the room moves or they walk through a wall into another room - that drives me bonkers!
Not been on for a while but the screaming skull for cillit bang drove me bonkers.
Davebro why arent there any white or piebald horses in the lloyds ad
The Idris Elba ones for Sky do my nut in.
Haribo one with the two policemen talking in stupid voices really winds me up
Ian Botham advertising Revitive, his acting is awful!
The Birds Eye one was on tonight - assuming its the same ad, my back was turned to the tv, but the wording now said “we had whatever at somebody’s house” Wondering if they’ve been reading AB!

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