Anybody Else Fed Up With Hospital, Ambulance, Farming, Veterinary Reality Tv Shows?

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dave50 | 11:14 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Far too many.


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& police interceptors / road wars. There's only so many ways you can chase a drunk/druggy in a car!
Yes, I simply don't watch them.
There are some reality shows I do enjoy, however.
Antique Roadshow, The Repair Shop, Four in a Bed, Come Dine With Me.
I really enjoyed Flipping Fast, too
have been for ages, add in these 600lb sisters, house upgrade or buying, teen mums etc etc
you can add cooking shows to the list . . .
I suppose we could have re-runs of I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Mr Ed, etc.

And what has happened to KOJAK?
Dr Pimple Popper was the last straw for me.
stranger things is... strange
Barb Lee in Shooter is not worth it
Undeclared War - more 4
The outfit - netflix
Spiral ( french ) on Beeb look back

are worth a whirl
love pimple popper - nothing better than a good pluke being popped
I don't watch anything to do with hospitals or vets. I do watch Jeremy Clarkson's Farm, or whatever it's called, though That makes me laugh.
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I love anything to do with animals, especially dogs. Love it when they get rehomed. And Monkey World and loved Clarkson's Farm and his sheeps!!
Cannot stand any of these cookery shows.
You are fixated on age, Android.
No, I just don't watch them.
Monkey World is one of my faves - monkeys are great! Love the chimps.
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Can't stand those programmes where "so-called celebrities" are sent off on holidays, etc. Pathetic!
I prefer all of the above to endless ultrasound photos.
I'm thinking of leaving Monkey World my entire estate. Hope the relatives won't be too upset!
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Yes Naomi, Clarkson's farm is very funny, well worth watching.

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Anybody Else Fed Up With Hospital, Ambulance, Farming, Veterinary Reality Tv Shows?

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