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galasalmon | 18:41 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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How did the chaser get a correct answer for saying to the question What part of your body is your neb and he answered mouth .Sticking your neb in in Scotland is sticking your nose in - interfering with something.


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Chambers dictionary has 'mouth' then 'nose' in its definition of Neb.
I expect Mouth and Nose would have both been accepted.
no one cares about Scotland. not even the Scots.
I've not heard of "neb" meaning mouth before and Chambers Dictionary online shows

"neb Scots & N Eng noun 1 a beak or bill. 2 the nose. 3 the sharp point, or a projecting part, of something. verb (nebbed, nebbing) intrans to look around in a nosey way with the hope of seeing something to gossip about.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon nebb beak or face."
The book/paper Chambers has - 'Neb. n. a beak or bill;the mouth(obs); the nose; a nib; the sharp point of anything'.
On occasion, I have used the expression "shut your neb" to keep people quiet! Not very polite!
I've only heard it used as, 'Keep your neb out of it,' meaning keep your nose out of it i.e mind your own business
Well known Yorkshire saying. Neb – meaning nose. “Keep your neb out of my business!”
Are you venting impotent rage, Tora?
//Are you venting impotent rage, Tora?//

Just one of his coping ‘mechanisms’! PMSL
Tora selling his blue jacket - bag of soor plooms in the pocket. PMSL
The Conservative and Unionist Party don't care about Scotland? Why the long name then?
Politicians will never use one word when five will do.
TORATORATORA, "no one cares about Scotland"

Why then, do you keep asking questions about the SNP and a second referendum?
Back to the OP... Mouth doesn't appear to be wrong, it seems a valid answer. Nose seems valid too. If it had been Millionaire and one of the two had been classed as 'wrong', that would have been unfair to me.
I think it was fair enough too and it didn't make any difference to the outcome
It depends where it goes - are you waking up as a nation to the pleasure of oral sex - and using your nose and chin? Good God, there may be a revolution on the cards - bless you, Nicola.

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