The Undeclared War......

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ToraToraTora | 19:54 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Pretty good but does anyone else find the music annoying? Sounds like some sort of monastic droning, loud and irritating.


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//Sounds like some sort of monastic droning, loud and irritating.//

We 5Cers can all identify with that on AB.
oo miaow fatticus botch
Much better realised that I anticipated, ( Sqad didnt like it)
( realised in the auteur, cineaste - realise, realizzato sense)

The pure mathematicians were stock, but still good and yes I know some men ( maff whizzes yeah?) like that.

The chief ( pegg) giving credit to a first dayer was a bit incredz. He would have said - 'our dept is well trained and we noticed, and I then quickly confirmed....'

and as for - - "what else have you missed? find it!" - as point scoring I was amazed our hero Peggy who had squirmed his way to the top didnt say " You have assumed we have missed another thing on no evidence. Or even on the evidence that we found something. Do you know how much that diversion could cost?"

or more maffy "you have assumed the existence of other omissions on the basis of one omission - but it wasnt an omission, we found it." Yeah OK no one wd understand that

Oh and the muzak wasnt monastic - not the monastery school I went to anyway, obviously perhaps intendedly NOT gregorian chant.
[hey didja know gregorian chant probably pre-dates christianity and it was first used in pagan rituals with difft words? No, because you hadnt heard the word gregorian before 5 s ago...]

and the girl - who doesnt wear the hijab follows the hindu hair style of showing she is not married and therefore a spinster.

she has to be first year - the Imperial college integral is a bit easy. Fatty barratt taught it to us at A level 1970

One thing I did notice - This is Armed - the 'h' far too soft or not there and then Urdu continuation on the answer machine

the people I watch it with say I am a pain

This looks good.
The music is odd but I kind of like it
do you mind if I ask
5C - wot dat den? ( foo) ( yeah I dont know)
Itch are you there?
some Russians trampled Khokhly into the soil
and the Ukrainians bombed them
Just watched the final episode. Excellent but yes, the bloody music! I want to watch TV or I want to listen to music. Droning over a programme annoys me.
Peter Pedant
//do you mind if I ask
5C - wot dat den? ( foo) ( yeah I dont know)//

A Fifth Columnist or in the eyes of ToraToraTora/toungmafbog anyone who does not show fanatical, blind and undying loyalty to Boris Johnson.
Tory MP’s who voted against and eventually removed him, 52 traitors who left office in one day over or because of Johnson and his perpetual lying.
Marxist Tory Trots who removed TGL, The Gargantuan Liar.
They’re all fifth columnists, in case you didn’t know.

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The Undeclared War......

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