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Thanks Ken, not sure I will manage both exceptionally long episodes this evening, but will definitely make a start :)
Question Author
Just finished watching them both :-)
I haven't got a clue what you're on about but I know the ending! Spooky or wot?!!!
Question Author
Not really. The reviews have been out for hours.
No Ken. Not read them or watched it. But I know what happened. Spoo - keeee! :o)
Just finished watching........need another season ASAP!
Question Author
No need, Tigger, Just ask 10C what happens in series 5 and he'll tell you. Spoo-keeee! :-/
I'm only on the second episode of Series 4. I didn't think anyone else would be daft enough to watch it. Loving it! :o)
Oh, is he Captain Hindsight or Foresight? ;o)
watched it last night, roll on next season x
Question Author
Naomi, while it's not aimed at 'our' demographic, it's the kind of escapism tv that we can watch and enjoy without repeatedly saying to ourselves, "Well that wouldn't happen!"
I have read almost all of Stephen King's books and quite a few of Dan Koontz's, so shows like this are right up my street. Forget vampires and werewolves. The 'Upside-Down' is the scariest ever place and it's inhabitants are not those you'd wish to meet on a dark night. Not even with a flashlight in your hands :-))
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Sure i typed 'Dean' Koontz:-/
A flashlight? Flashlight?!!! Do you mean a torch, Ken? When did Lancastrians start using flashlights?
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You're in quite a pedantic mood this morning, 10C.

It's an American prog. When in Rome, and all that :-)
I've read several of the successful horror writers but I'm not into monsters in general. Zombies - just ridiculous. I much prefer psychological thrillers. This, however, is different. Utterly unbelievable - and yet, as you say, we don't even think about that. The programme just kind of carries me along with it. It appears to have an assortment of excellent and imaginative writers too - I love the science teacher's example, using a flea, of how an 'upside down' world can work. Quite brilliant.

One of the most memorable 'horror' books I've read is James Herbert's 'Fluke'. That's different too!!
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I know there are those of you out there who have yet to watch certain episodes, so i won't mention just who Vecna is. But when you get to see him, remember this; it took almost 7 hours each day to apply the make-up to create the required image and the actor who plays Vecna apparently did not complain once. In normal circumstances, there would be a 'stand-in' but not in Stranger Things. The actor playing the role had the patience of s saint as the make-up artists applied layer after layer of rubber and foam to him. He also did all his own stunts. Above and beyond, springs to mind.
I like Sci fi fantasy horror type stuff so this is right up my street. The youngsters in it are great and Millie Bobby Brown has achieved so much at only 18. She is a producer too!
Finished it today, fabulous. Looking forward to season 5 but also not as it will be the last one!
I grew up reading in Stephen King and 80s movies so its very nostalgic for me as well as excellent tv.
// Oh, is he Captain Hindsight or Foresight? ;o)//
either is OK for Clarion
and MUCH better than being that Pincher fellow, Capt Foreskin !

(cries from the usual suspects: He's innocent he aint done narfin'!)

yes: I can see it now (!) - Free Clarion Now!

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