Celebrity Juice Axed

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emily1890 | 13:59 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Can't help feeling disappointed

wasn't a loyal watcher of the show, but did find it funny when it was on
it will be missed at least here


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I can't watch anything with that man in it, I know he is playing a character but he makes me want to put my foot through the screen
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Excellent news - I'll applaud anything that gets the execrable waste of air that is Leigh Francis off our screens.
He had his moments.
I thought about watching it once, as Kelly Brook was on it.
I couldn't though, because of that unbearable man.
Another one I can't watch - the pub landlord
Never seen it.
One less thing to avoid, good.
not before time, its appalling.
It's been running a long time and probably had its day now - maybe Leigh Francis decided to end it ?

I quite liked it when it first started and watched it sometimes, but haven't watched it for years now. I remember the one when Ant & Dec were inside a glass case with a totally naked old man - God it was gross !
It was puerile rubbish.

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Celebrity Juice Axed

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