Camille Coduri Is The Double Of ...?

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Bert45 | 22:38 Mon 30th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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When I saw Camille Coduri in Big Boys, I thought it was another actress whose name escapes me. To save me hours of agony, please tell me the name of the actress who looks just like her.


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Malin Akerman? Never heard of Camille, but reminded me of her.
I always thought she looks a bit like Kellie Bright

Adrienne Posta?
Question Author
No, the one I'm thinking of is not one of those (two of whom I've never heard of). The one I'm thinking of has a rather unusual foreign-sounding name. She's been in lots of things, fairly minor parts. She provides a bit of low-level glamour usually.
Ashley Jensen?
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Sorry, folks! It looks as though it was Camille Coduri I was thinking of, (I've looked at some older images of her on Google). I could have sworn I've seen her in something where she had a different name in the credits. Alternatively, I didn't know her name when I've seen her before.
She reminds me a bit of Liz Frazer.
Joanna Page from Gavin & Stacey?

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Camille Coduri Is The Double Of ...?

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