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Bazile | 19:06 Sat 28th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watching pink Floyd on sky arts

The lead guitarist has a lever by the the sound hole /pic guard , which he operates from time to time .

What does it do - is it to manipulate the sound ?


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It's a 'whammy bar'! (a.k.a 'tremolo bar').

Could be a tremolo arm which slackens the strings to change the tone.
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Press down - pitch is lowered.
Pull up - pitch is raised.

Watch Hank Marvin playing Apache.
Wicked Game is a good example of the tremolo bar being used to increase and decrease pitch.

I found that using it can put the guitar out of tune.
Yeah, but you're not Davd Gilmour, are you? :-)

Baz, is this the first time you've seen a guitarist do this?
That, of course, would be David Gilmour. I'm so fast a typist, my keypad can't keep up with me :-))
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No ken

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