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jennyjoan | 22:23 Fri 27th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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I hardly watch any soaps now but tonight I watched Corrie a bit and I just can't believe the guy who plays Kev in the garage has gotten not only old but absolutely haggard.

He was a very good looking kid in his day - OMG what has happened to him.

Mind you all through these years I never rated him a good actor anyway. But his looks are in a sad way.


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I know he plays a mucky mechanic but he always looks in need of a good wash.
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Barry - don't think a good wash would even cut it. I looked at him with that other drop dead gorgeous guy (is it Imran - solicitor) what a hunk - and poor Kev was pathetic.

I am aware he has had problems in the past but in general all the lads whether on TV or in real life seem to look after themselves these days.
Too bad Imran's leaving, jenny :)
Imran is nearly 30 years younger than Kevin in real life.
Don't forget the actor who plays Kevin has been addicted to alcohol and cocaine in the past and that can take its toll on a body, think of Ronny Wood and Shane MacGowan
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I did say that Barry - he had problems.
Steve looks old, too, but definitely not haggard
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is Steve one of the twins - he is old too but wearing well and he has had problems too. But I find him very witty and endearing.
Totally agree about Kev jj, I felt sorry for Abi last night having to passionately snog him (lol). It was a shame to put him and the absolutely divine Imran together in a scene, my God that man is a dish - Corrie won't be the same without him. It all ramps up this coming week, don't forget fans, it's on every night !
Yes jj, Steve is one of the twins. He's funny at times, but goodness me he pulls some weird faces ...
Me too, he’s not ageing at all well is he? Perhaps being accused of raping someone a few years back has taken its toll on Michael le Vell, his sister reminds me of Hilda Baker with her mannerisms :0))))
She knows, yer know
kev is a very good actor, the emotion he can show especially last night is spot on ,ageing is a lot to do with your genes too maybe that the decline his his facial features, but whatever , i like him as an actor. as for Imran, no, poor acting i dont rate him at all
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itchy - who cares about acting LOL - it is the wondrous beauty of Imran - I could snog him all night.
ill be glad when the creeps gone with his smarmy sickly smile

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Kev From Coronation Street

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