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Prudie | 20:42 Sat 21st May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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I suppose my question is who's going to see it in the cinema but I'm prompted to ask because I'm watching Tom Cruise talk about it on Sky at the moment Top Gun was such an iconic film from the 80s and I tend to watch it whenever it's on but listening to Cruise now talking about the sequel heroes across as a total


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Heroes was meant to say he comes...
He's a Hollywood Lovey. They are all the same.
I seem to be in a very small minority - I thought Top Gun was a vacuous horrible video-esque homo-erotic video game piece of garbage.

But thanks to the press adoration of the film and its star, it's impossible to avoid the fact that a sequel is out.

So to answer your question, I will not be going to see this new film
I quite liked Top Gun. I preferred An Officer And A Gentleman. Both good films.
Top Gun was homo - erotic. That's a bit weird.
You mean Tom Cruise, you mean that Tom Cruise that seems to think he's an actor, oh yes that's exactly what he is. Just an actor, who thinks he's god almighty.

Pot loads of money for junk films, in fact just like the junk films that I went to see as a kid on a Saturday morning in the 60s. The Lone Ranger rides again:)))
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I'm off to look up what homo-erotic means. I thought it was a cracking film aided by a brilliant sound track. Tom Cruise was talking as though he is a brilliant fighter pilot in real life and had to teach all the new cast how it's done. He's become such a weirdo.
His religion probably has to do with something to do with his weirdness. I know people who have met him and he's quite a nice bloke, apprently.
He wasn't very nice when he lost it with the film crew during covid.
Nobody can be perfect all of the time.
Come come, now, Andy. You're among friends. No need to hold back - tell us what you really think! :-). BTW, I can't comment as I've never seen it.

//...who's going to see it in the cinema..//

Absolutely no chance. Nothing against this film in particular (though I doubt it is my cup of tea). I haven't been to the cinema since 1979. It was bad enough then but on top of being surrounded by people who cannot survive without eating and drinking for a couple of hours, I'd now have to cope with idiots faffing about with phones in the dark. Thanks, but no thanks.

I would think that most people on AB qualify for Odeon Silver Screen. Go and see it - you know you want to!
//His religion probably has to do with something to do with his weirdness.//

Is he the same as John Travolta ?
//His religion probably has to do with something to do with his weirdness.//

I'm rather keen on his religion, actually. The Church of Scientology made a sizeably donation to the Bluebell Heritage Railway in Sussex, of which I am a Life Member. It helped them considerably to restore the line to connect with the main line at East Grinstead - an ambition it had held from its foundation in 1960 to completion of the link in 2012. Every time I land on the westerly runway at Gatwick I pass over their HQ at Saint Hill Manor and give thanks. But I still will not be visiting the cinema!
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I think he's far worse than John Travolta. I can't even relate to his current persona in comparison to that of his several great films of the 80s and 90s.
Is Tom Cruise the bloke who wears built up shoes?
Some clips from the old and the new Top gun film in Lady Gaga's song from the soundtrack of the new Top Gun film.
Whilst I agree that it’s totally a homo erotic film , I thoroughly enjoyed watching it as a youngster and I will enjoy watching the sequel
I always get Tom Cruise and John Barrowman mixed up
Just been to see it. At first I couldn`t get over seeing Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise and all of his history since the first version but once I got over that I thought it was very good - quite exciting actually.

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