Black Crows

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Khandro | 09:53 Sat 21st May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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We've just started watching it. The subject matter is a bit dated (or is it?) & it appears to be an extreme portrayal, but who knows?

I just went onto the IMDB website, really to find out who made it - it's a Saudi/Lebanese production - but I'm amazed by the disparity of the reviews;
They are all either extremely disparaging or full of praise, 1/10 to 10/10 with no real moderates.
We've watched 6 episodes & its anti-ISIS agenda is laid on a bit thick, though perhaps that's not a bad thing.
Has anyone watched it & if so what did you think?


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I haven't seen it. The jaundiced Saudi view of ISIS makes me think of the kettle calling the pot black.
yeah I watched it multiply for the modern standard arabic.
Emirna, madha bahatha - lart-tatluq
( O great one, what happened? - dont worry... ep 1)

yeah, everyone who wishes to try - start at Ep2 if you can stand that, the rest is straightforward

It is based on events in Aleppo or Ragga - they marched in ( NOT like Mariupol) and said "we have liberated you you lucky souls" and the population said yeah OK

and basically didnt know what had hit them.
SO all the events are OK and are worked into some sort of story. The head of the Boys' Battalion was ( one of them) a child molester, Parents did come looking for their children and were turned away, The Yazdis WERE enslaved and sold.

the photos were photoshopped, the tele-advisers DID lie to would be converts....

The British one - The State - 2017 is er more British and credible. The girls sort of based on Shamima begum are gormless and have essex accents.

and yes it is anti ISIS propaganda paid for by the Qataris I think. Oh the opening sequence is true - there is an event where they line up 29 captured pilots and shoot them on camera - it costs about a million bucks to train one - big economic hole - the Viets used to shoot the doctors, which is why there was cas-evac and no MASHes in Viet

it is a rough world out there!
Thanks Pete.
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PP, I think those damning IMDB reviews were perhaps coming from the Muslim fraternity, n'est-ce pas ?
Try Mosul
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Try 'Fauda' Netflix though I suppose you have?
Fauda was good
surprise hit in the Islamic world!

One of the Shin Beth actors ( noah) - has just married a muslim girl and caused uproar !

I like best the Dad - - life was much better in Baghdad - you said you were a jew and everyone just got on with their lives....

Big minority left over from the deportaion of 587 BC apparently

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Black Crows

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