The Rising - Supernatural Thriller - Potential Spoiler

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naomi24 | 09:56 Tue 17th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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I've watched two episodes of this but much of it doesn't make sense. Any thoughts?


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I watched the whole series a couple of weeks ago. It was ok but I had a lot of questions like how can that happen if she is......? (spoiler)

It was a bit weird so I didn't recommend it on here.
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That's exactly what I'm saying to myself, tigger. 'How can that happen'? Very odd - but I'll continue with it.
How would she have been able to tap keys on the laptop and then for the search engine to pull up results?
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And get showered, pull a drawer open, take out clean clothes and get dressed? And what about riding the motorbike? To a passer~by that would look like a bike driving itself! Unless I’m missing something it is a bit daft.
You have me intrigued, now. Probably try it tomorrow evening.
Naomi, from wicki; "As she begins her investigation, Neve discovers that she has the ability to interfere in the world around her."
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She certainly does, Ken, but it makes no sense.
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I’m still watching though …. :o)

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The Rising - Supernatural Thriller - Potential Spoiler

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