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MissTerious | 15:37 Sat 14th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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How many will watch it?

We have not watched for many years. I must admit I will this year because I love our song,and really have taken a shine to Sam Ryder. He's gorgeous :o) and with a great voice and a clever songwriter.


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I've had a look at the running order and Ukraine is number 11 (after the Netherlands) and we are number 21 (after Australia) so I think I'll just dib in and out to see them and the watch the results as we are second favourites- at least we shouldn't come last this year
Utterly bizarre that anyone could think this event is, any way, worthy of comment or attention.
...they said, giving it attention and commenting. :-)
I'm giving it attention and commenting too! I will be watching and have snacks and a drink on hand ( note, quite healthy, no alcohol). I watch every year, its a bit of fun.
I watch hardly any telly at all. (It's not unusual for me to go a month or more without turning the set on. Even when I do use it, it's rarely for more that three or fours hours in a week at the most). However Eurovision is the the one thing that I ALWAYS watch. (I've watched the two semi-finals and I'll definitely be glued to my set tonight). I'm never really that bothered about which song wins though; I watch it purely for it's totally over the top fun and silliness!
Ukraine is 12 and UK 22.

I didn’t need to check either
How sad is that …

Ukraine, UK, Armenia, Poland, France, Estonia my favourites with honourable mentions to Germany, Finland, Moldova.
Nul points from me to silly Norway, boring Australia and the frankly bizarre Serbian entry about Megan Markle’s hair …
On Tuesday i listened to snippets of all the songs and i must say, the majority of them are quite boring. The only one that had me tapping my feet was Norway's 'Give That Wolf A Banana' so i've had a little e.w. bet @ 66/1 to 4 places. If it is one of the sympathy inducing ballads that is to follow Ukraine home, it could well be Australia's 'Not The Same'. We've heard the message before but the guy has a good voice and delivers his song with sincerity. Small e.w. bet on that one, too, @ 200/1.

I won't be watching until it's time for the votes.
Forgot to add that i was a tad disappointed to see Norway on early doors. I was hoping that everyone would be bored to tears by the time they performed that they would remember it above all others when it came to the votes.
And the politics have started early!
I used to like it when I was about 13 (along with Miss World) It's dire now though and the political voting makes the whole thing a joke.
I’m having a glass of wine every time someone says “political voting”
^ You'll be very *** by the end of the night
I don’t expect to see the evening out ,-)
I have also not watched nor had any interest since I was about 19 but my daughter and her boyfriend are visiting for the weekend and for some bizarre reason they are really into it so we have it on. They are both making comments and laughing out loud at everything Graham Norton says, I fear it may be a long night..
That's because you will have slit your wrists when you hear the songs
MargoTester’s post.

Are Australia in Eurovision? How the hell
Does that work? Australia is just about as far away from Europe as it’s possible to get.
I'd rather watch paint dry.
“That's because you will have slit your wrists when you hear the songs”

I don’t think so; I’ve heard every song at least times already ;-)
There's a reason why when you travel around the world you only hear British and American music (apart from a bit of Australian and Scandi) It's because most of it is crap
You have a death wish

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