The Repair Shop & Mr Benn

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barry1010 | 16:53 Fri 13th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Fabulous to see that Mr Benn's shopkeeper has made a very successful second career as a milliner, and nice to know his name, Jayesh.
Such a gentleman. Good tip about using shaving foam, maybe the teddy bear ladies will try it out.

That clock was amazing. The programme seems to just keep getting better but I wish they'd get rid of the plinky plonk background music


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I love the repair shop they have so much patience but i end up blubbering through most of it x
I like the brother and sister
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Steve brought his son in this week. He encouraged Suzie to join the show so maybe we'll be seeing more of his son, too
Steve and Susie are there for their undoubted skills and expertise. The help Steve needed to re assemble the clock could have been done by anybody already there. If all the rest of experts start bringing in family members for their fifteen minutes of fame the programme will regress adversely in my opinion.
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I share your opinion, vulcan. Steve and Susie have very different skillsets and are real experts in their fields.
Great show. This weeks episode featured one of those great moments when Kirsten(who herself can repair the most delicate of cracks) told Steve that she had an intriguing little box for him to look at. Steve had a little giggle and I think there must have been an edit in there because Kirsten was shown with what can only be called an all over blush.
Difficult to pick out the best restorers in my opi ion, they're all great in their field. Steve did say he is training his son in his skills so maybe we will see more of him. I don't think Will will be bringing in his child - not sure the baby's been born yet.
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Kirsten is my favourite - not sure if it is because of her fantastic skill and degree of patience or because she is very attractive.
Dom is my wife's favourite - I suspect for much the same reasons
Mr Benn and the experts are a good watch, they show their skills and bring a lot of joy to peoples lives.

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The Repair Shop & Mr Benn

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