Is It Inevitable That Ukraine Will Win Eurovision Song Contest?

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dave50 | 20:36 Thu 12th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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I can understand why the sympathy vote might happen but it makes a mockery of the whole contest.


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The contest has been a mockery for many many years though.
jesus I thought this was serious as in
.... win the war

phew ! - never on Ab

oh the song - yeah probz
Didnt Bomm banga bang win once?
sort of the prime minister's song - yay!
Watching it now, very disappointing. Moody songs and themes. Only one I've liked is from Malta but that was so already familiar, wonder if anyone picks up on that.
Yes Ukraine will probably win. The least reason for voting is the quality of the song.
How can it make a mockery of something that is already a mockery; where the song is of minimal importance and friends vote for each other ?

Doubt it's inevitable but I'd not vote against it happening.
I'm pretty sure that it has been 'fixed' in one way or the other, quite often. I gave up bothering with it over 40 years ago. A 'mockery' of a contest? About right. Give yourself B.A. dave50. :)
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Yes I know its been a mockery for years with the various political voting but this year the votes will probably all go one way.
How many points will Ukraine give to the UK I wonder?
Do you ever actually watch it Dave?
It’s probably never begin “fixed” with the possibly exception of back in the early days when only juries could vote.
There was some suspicion surrounding Spain in the year Lulu tied for first place.
I may have got that wrong but I can’t be bothered to check
P/P 20.44 LOL.
It is inevitable.

This is an international show watched by billions, which country would wish to be seen as heartless by not voting for Ukraine?

None of them.
It’s highly likely that Ukraine will win but not inevitable of course.
People who actually follow the thing all the way through and actually listen to the songs may decide to be swayed by another song that really takes their fancy.
And then there are the jury votes which come first: who will give Ukraine a good mark because it’s a good song (which it is: it was one of the favourites before Feb 24)? And who will vote for it to make a point?
That’s why it’s so interesting
Jury voting, just to emphasise, is only half of the votes
'Political voting' is largely a myth that was invented by Terry Wogan. He correctly observed that, for example Greece nearly always gives plenty of points to Cyprus and vice versa. However he failed to take into account the fact that they have a common language, common cultures and common music distribution systems. It's only natural that music which is popular in one of those countries is popular in the other one too, regardless of any 'politics'.

If Wogan's theory had any real credibility to it, Ireland (which has won the competition more times than any other country) would never have had a chance in the competition as, apart from the UK, it has no obvious 'political allies'.

Ukraine will undoubtedly do well this year, as many individual voters might give it 'sympathy votes' but the jury votes, which are just as important, are likely to be more independent. Italy, the UK, Lithuania and Moldova all have strong entries, that might result in a surprise win. (The bookies seem to want to add Sweden and Spain to my list too).
Terry was a legend ut he’d lost the plot by the end.
Actually some of his accusations were plain offensive. Tho I’m sure he meant no offence
Mission accomplished presumably for Ireland tonight then. If it was a Father Ted style conspiracy. Possibly the worst piece of warbling I’ve heard in ages.
And Greece and Cyprus won’t be doing the douze pointe double act
Unremitting dross.
Ukraine will win of course, personally i dislike the song, not a fan of rap

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Is It Inevitable That Ukraine Will Win Eurovision Song Contest?

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