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barry1010 | 09:55 Thu 12th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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What was he thinking demolishing all the walls? Cutting a hole in the floor/ceiling so he could drop the rubbish through.

Car crash tv - but I am hooked. I'm thinking it would be more lucrative to earn a guaranteed income simply by taking a second job and putting the same hours in.


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I only half watched it yesterday. Shocked to look up and see the place trashed and what looked like all the walls gone. What happened to his partner?
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He bailed out before they even started. Made me laugh when the young lad said he might even keep the wallpaper and the other said he would knock the wall down :)
As I said on another thread about this show, none of the houses seem to need any work done on the roof.
I suspect the program makers try to choose homes that do not need more than cosmetic/new kitchen,bath/electrics/re-plastering. Though there are surprises along the way...sometimes caused by their own over ambitious plans.
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I was very surprised at the state of the gable end in a recent episode and in another recent one the roof was replaced

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