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itchycopark | 13:20 Mon 09th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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its the best for years
for those who are fans of this event only, if your not no comments please, each their own as they say


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You're two months behind the times, Itchy ;-)

The bookies seem to think that the UK entry has a good chance of being in the top three or fours songs this year but Ukraine is the clear frontrunner:

My own preference would probably be for Spain to win though:
I'm sorry, but it's awful.
He may be a likeable chappy, but the song is painful.
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doh !
it reminds me a little of a girlier version of hosier
Yes I really like this.
He has a great voice. The best UK entry IMO for years.
I listened to all the entries for Heat One last night (!)
"Eat your vegetables" by Latvia. "Give that wolf a banana" by Norway, and the rest.
The Austrian entry has the highest star-rating on the website, Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine the most recommendations. The star-ratings and the recommendations don't always match so not sure how they are arrived at.
Not a fan of Eurovision but I rather liked that.
I love that.
Ukraine is nailed on to win, of course.
Sam will surely not finish with nil points
A lot of sympathy votes will go to Ukraine, that's for sure.
Just watching the opening of the semi finals on BBC 3. Stunning! Lots of long legged girls and hunky men! Nothing woke there!
.... and the music?
Usual mix! I like the Latvia one about being green. Ukrainians will win.
My scores, out of ten, so far this evening, Carole:
Albania 6
Latvia 4
Lithuania 9
Switzerland 6
Slovenia 6
Ukraine 7
Bulgaria 7
Netherlands 4
Moldova 10
Portugal 7
Croatia 6
Lots of rock groups on tonight. Netherlands was soulful, but she didn’t sing in English, always a drawback. Yes
I like the song and in a song contest it would have a good chance.
I was amazed “Halo” didn’t make the cut.
Zdob si Zbub ride again! That train from Chisinau to Bucuresti :-)
Legends of Eurovision but yet to win.
Glad the silly salad people missed out tho the even sillier Norwegians made it.
Kalush Orchestra will auction off the trophy if they win on Saturday, to raise funds for Ukraine
I've stopped watching because it isn't a genuine and fair competition any more. It's all about politics.
I don’t agree: tho it might be this year.
The thing to do with Eurovision is to forget about all that and just enjoy it.
If you like that sort of thing

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Eurovision 2022 Entry

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