The 1% Club Last Night

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barry1010 | 09:54 Sun 08th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Once again I thought the first question was panic inducing, although I did get it right, and the last question simple. I didn't shine this week and fell at the 20% question - phone in jean's pocket.

Anyone get all the way through?


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Knew the 1% question straight away...standard quiz question. I got tripped up on PAR(TIE)S!
I missed out on three this week. Mainly because I can't see the questions clearly and by the time I've squinted close up at the screen the times up.
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Andres, I always pause it, I am no good with time pressure
^^^^Good idea but unfortunately we just have a bog standard tv.
ANDRES, you could watch it on the ITV hub after the broadcast and pause it then.
I'll try that in future. I can see The Chase questions alright when that's on but the ones on the 1% club are too tiny .
I have the same problem, andres.
//Once again I thought the first question was panic inducing...//
I've watched it but can't remember what the first qn was, can anyone please enlighten me?
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ellie, it was so simple, really.

Oliver, Emily and Rosie take it in turns to count out load the numbers 1-20. Who says 20?
Ah yes, thanks Barry, I remember it now. I got it easily in a few seconds, just divide by 3 and 2 left over so it's the 2nd person
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It's strange how with some questions the answers just jump out but others get me in a panic. I did get it right but I did it the long way. Shame on me
Some were so simple e.g the letter S qn and the one with the arrows pointing right.
^ also the qn where 1=5
Barry, I did that the long way, counting on my fingers :-).
Also got the jeans question wrong and didn't know how to get the question about the first number where the vowels are in alphabetical order either.
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Our minds think alike, Barsel. Does that mean we are great? :D
Of course it means we are great Barry, don't ever doubt it. x
I have never seen the programme as I don't watch Lee Mack.
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You said exactly that on another thread, choux. As the questions are readable on screen it is possible to fast forward through Lee Mack's bits and just see the questions and answers.
I didn't realise I had posted that already, barry, but I am consistent.
At my age, life is too short to waste ffw' whole programmes ;)

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The 1% Club Last Night

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