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barry1010 | 10:50 Sun 01st May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Woohoooo! I got all the questions right this week - but I wouldn't have done without pausing the tv.
I thought the final question was very easy


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what was the final question please without the answer
What was the final qn barry?
Yes, the 1% was quite easy, but the 30% one tripped me up, I can't pause my tv. :(
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I wish I could remember! I've deleted the recording but will get it on catch up
I know it was random words and you had to say why one was the odd one out
I also thought the 1% question was really easy but only because I've seen it in various formats before. It's what that word is famous for. However my husband had no idea. I can't repeat the question because I can't remember what the other words were.
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Why is FACETIOUS the odd one out in this group of words?

All 5 vowels in correct order, barry. :-)
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The 30% question jumped out at me, too - it's the question about the books.

Have a look at the last 4 books Lee has read. Crack the code to see what his next book will be.

The books are: Bring Me Back, B A Paris; Up and Down, Olivia Tellers; The Girl With The Louding Voice, Abi Dare; Bodies of Light, Sarah Moss

A: All The Light We Cannot See
B: Bring Up The Bodies
C: I Want My Hat Back
We weren't actually told it was facetious Barry it was just which word is the odd one out and why :-)
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I thought the first question was ambiguous but settled for the correct answer. Don't think I'd be the same under pressure, though
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We were told it was facetious, Prudie - I've just watched it again. I copied out the question exactly
Wow Barry, I did not remember that. Makes it even more easy, much easier than some of the previous questions.
can't get the 30% question x
I find it odd that each week I'm finding the later questions easier (much easier last night) that the early ones...
The only one I didn't get was the paper-rock-scissors question and I cannot be bothered to sit through all the ads online to watch it again for the wording.
I knew about facetious being one of the few words with vowels in alphabetical order so I got that straight away.

With the final question last week about the number of triangles, there are a couple of formulae for working that out.

It might just be the luck of the draw that someone happens to know the answer or a vital part of it anyway, rather than using reasoning.
Can someone explain how a bat & ball cost £1.10. The bat costs a pound more than the ball. How is this worked out??
Take £1 off the total, leaved 10p for the bat & ball. 5p each plus the extra £1 for the bat.
Ball 5p Bat £1.05
^mental algebra...x+y=110. x-y=100. Subtract...2y=10, y=5. Voila!

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