Yippee!! For The First Time Ever........

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Ken4155 | 10:49 Wed 27th Apr 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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........I've just scored a full house 39 on Radio 2's Pop Master. Aided, i must add, by the contestant (he scored 36) choosing 'Queen' as his bonus questions. I made two 'educated' guesses but the rest i actually knew.
Given that i have listened to this quiz for years and my highest score to date is 24, i doubt i will ever reach these dizzy heights again.


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Congrats, that is quite an achievement! I've scored 30+ in the past but hardly listen these days ...
Well done Ken I got all theQueen ones right but not a lot else
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One of my 'educated' guesses was the 'holiday song' question. Two titles immediately sprang to mind, Una Paloma Blanca and Y Viva Espana and i knew that the latter was sung by a man. So the answer had to be the former.
I actually answered wo of the Queen questions before they had been entirely formed - Brian May and David Bowie. The third was a tad trickier, i had to hear the first two notes:-)))
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Edit button:-) the former was sung by a man, the latter by a woman so the answer had to be the latter.
You should be very proud, Ken! :-))
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Buzzin', Patsy. Just hoping my luck stretches to this afternoon's geegees. Or, better still, tonight's Lotto :-)
Well done, I rarely score more than 15 and that's on a good day lol
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Maggie, i don't think of myself as in any way knowledgeable about 'pop music'. I don't listen to the charts and i only know the names of singers and bands if their songs resonate with me. I'll probably score 3 tomorrow if i'm lucky :-)
did you get any of the woman's?
I think I've done well when I get one right!!!
Couldn't believe the first contestant not being able to recognize Cilla Black's voice!
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I only caught the back end of the first section of the quiz.

There was a guy on yesterday who sailed through his questions, scoring a 39 in rapid time. If they were running a book on who would win the Champion of Champions Final in Dec, i'd have already put a few shillings on him:-J
Well done. Would you like to name check all your family and friends now?
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Far too modest for that sort of malarkey, Hoppy:-J
If I ever went on, I'd say 'sorry, before my time' to one of the questions, just to wind KB up :)
Well done!!
Brilliant Ken Lucky you (Queen) ... humping furniture on a day off for me was such joy But good on ya Ken...!

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Yippee!! For The First Time Ever........

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