Tipping Point. Congratulations Kingston.........

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10ClarionSt | 10:48 Tue 26th Apr 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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......You've won one of our mystery prizes! It's a wonderful balloon flight over Moss Side, Rusholme and Whalley Range in Manchester! You'll glide effortlessly over Denmark Road as you pass over the brewery, before gliding a bit further on over Alexandria Park where you will see lots of young ladies "walking" on their daily routine "exercises", just as all the young men are happily exchanging small packages of welcome "confections". Then breeze nicely towards Rusholme and pick up the aroma of the Curry Mile on Oxford Road, where the previously mentioned ladies and young men gather to spend their hard earned money. A slight change of course will then take you to Whalley Range as you gaze down at Wilbraham Road and see more recreational ladies, more confections exchanged and the wonderful sight of stolen luxury cars doing doughnut spins in the carriageway. Congratulations! It sounds wonderful!


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i dont watch it anymore as ben the parrot insists on repeating the rules over and over. I wish he`d take a leaf from Jeremy Clarksons millionaire stance ie " you know the rules, yes lets move on"
If I'd known of these delights I'd have booked a city break.
Thanks for the tourist info. :-)
Don't you get shot at?
On a par with a speedboat in some of the old quiz shows.
a friend was once on there ....won a mystery prize and didn't "ooh...ahhh " enough... had to be refilmed!
I can't believe how little basic general knowledge some of the young people on there have.

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Tipping Point. Congratulations Kingston.........

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