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Bazile | 19:13 Sat 09th Apr 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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The episode sees Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad travelling to Boycie's weekend cottage in Cornwall intending to do some illegal fishing. Once there, they are unnerved when they learn that an axe murderer has just escaped from the local psychiatric hospital. The scenario unfolds with their uncertainty of the night ahead and the goings on outside of their residence.

The part where there is the sound of an helicopter outside the cottage .
The axe murderer asks delboy- '' is it a police helicopter ?''

'' no '' replies delboy- '' it's Barratts ''


I wonder how many people watching it now who have never seen that episode , would understand the joke


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I wonder if I can still move into one for £14 per week?
Thinking about it for a moment now though, I realise why Barratt homes were so cheap. The one I'm living in has a draining board that drains away from the sink, so that every time I washup, I get a big puddle at the other end!
Chris, you really need to move.
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Our friend in the Ad

Was he an actor - what's his name ?
Patrick Allen
Also did the voiceover on Frankie Goes to Hollywood's hit Two Tribes.
♫ Mine is the last voice that you will ever hear ♫

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Friday 14Th

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