Is Alan Alda Gay?

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daicoses | 20:29 Fri 16th Dec 2005 | Media & TV
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This came up in a conversation, and a friend of mine said that he came out a few years ago? Is this true?


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He has been married for 48 years and has three daughters so it seems unlikely.
Are you sure it was Alan Alda? Alan Ladd maybe? Sure it wasn't Clinger? (he was just a tranny though wasn't he - not gay)
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Who cares if he's gay or not

....his wife and three daughters might!
Whenever someone asks a question about someone being gay or not it is enevitable that someone else will answer "who cares if he's gay or not?". It seems to happen every time. Daicoses asked a question expecting an answer, not another question.
In a Pickle, I didn't say it was impossible I simply said it seems unlikely.

Where did you friend here that? Sorry to answer with another question. I remember on a M*A*S*H message board a year or so ago where somebody congratulated Alan Alda for coming out and saying he was gay on the gay website that the person who posted this message was a member of but there was never any follow up message to back this up - probably because the guy in question got shot down in flames :) which was a bit stupid because if you genuinely like and admire somebody your respect for them should not change just because they turn out to be gay , bisexual or what ever! Wish I could help you more but that is all I know.

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Is Alan Alda Gay?

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