All New Eggheads

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grumpy01 | 19:52 Tue 08th Mar 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Just put this on Channel 5.Haven’t watched it for a while but it’s still got the same awful people.Kevin (please sir) Ashman the irritating Lisa Thiel in her now ridiculous glasses and worst of all the slime ball that is Jeremy Vine.


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obviously you have one of those TVs that you are forced to watch.
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No just thought I’d see if it was any better.Answer a definite NO.Only watched because the Chase+1 had Jenny Ryan with her silly alliterative greetings.
I can't decide if you're really such a miserable old git, or whether it's a put on in order to play up to your username.
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Do you me Mozz71?
Yes Grumpy.
I can't agree with you about Kevin Ashman. I have met him on a couple of occasions and I have always found him pleasant, engaging company.
watched the new Eggheads for the first time to avoid the long news ... not much has changed..thought Chris looked a bit older and not great though ?
I stopped watching this programme ages ago because the "professional" Eggheads are so smug and have an air about them that they think they're better than everyone else!

I also used to hate they way that, when debating, they arrogantly went through the reasons why the answer couldn't be "this" or couldn't be "that" instead of just giving the bloomin' answer!

I haven't watched any of the new ones with Jeremy Vine as I think he's a complete !"£$%^&*

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All New Eggheads

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