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emily1890 | 21:04 Thu 03rd Mar 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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how is everyone feeling about the upcoming cancilation of neighbours?

can't say I'm thrilled, I liked to watch that and home and away after one another.

hoping I can still find a way to watch it, but if not I suppose my favorite soaps (emmerdale and cori) are still going
btw: I wonder if they are going to do the same to home and away


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>>> hoping I can still find a way to watch it

I don't think that will be possible. With Channel 5 no longer contributing to its production costs, and with no other company interested in doing so, the production company behind it is pulling the plugs on it altogether.

The production of Home and Away is largely funded by Australia's Channel 7, which has committed to continuing to do so. Channel 5 has a contract to continue showing the series for as long as it's made.
Me too, Douglas.
Is plain Jane still in it?
Jane is always negative
Oh gosh. I was joking, thinking she left years ago.

It seems she returned and was in it until 2020.
> how is everyone feeling about the upcoming cancilation of neighbours

I'm feeling I wish Putin has watched it ...

Neighbours everybody needs good neighbours
With a little understanding
you can find the perfect blend
Neighbours should be there for one another
That’s when good neighbours
become good friends.

Got that, Vladimir?
I really enjoy watching neighbours and I can't believe that it's finished for good.
As it drifts toward oblivion or more likely a digital regurgitator I thought it was a bit like Crossroads, just a bit warmer, breezier and with better teeth. :-)
One of the soaps I have watched for years.I will miss it.
I only watch 2 soaps, Corrie and Neighbours, and to be honest, I prefer Neighbours.
Just like Corrie, I've watched it from day 1 and I will miss it.
I hope they do what Corrie do and show the old episodes from the beginning.
I thought Neighbours was meant for teens and could try Holyoaks on Channel 4 - same intended demographic?
gingejbee, you couldn't be more wrong. A teen / twenties would not be interested in Neighbours, and if they were, they would never admit it.
On no, say its not true.. I can't cope with news like that. What am I gonna do now. ;-)

Truth be told I watched the first few years whist still at School, then again for a few months when I heard Holly 'flic' Valance was in it.
Oh I see Arky, well I suppose if the young ones watch it, there are still plenty of good looking young people in it.
At least you get to see everyone, the babies are not left upstairs all the time as in Corrie.
I used to watch Corrie as well back in my teens, I don't watch any soaps anymore so I'll take you word for it.

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