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Bazile | 18:58 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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The chaser 'storming off ' after been beaten in the final chase

Bad form old chap ( or was it part of the act ?)


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I was surprised he said "Star Track" for one answer rather than "Star Trek".
Just tripped over his words, I think, trying hard not to say Star Wars.
Just part of the act
I would think it’s all part of the act.
Question Author
I missed the expression on his face - so I didn't know if he looked peeved or he was smiling
Which Chaser was it?

Mark usually makes a show of annoyance if he is beaten.
Can’t stand him. I can imagine him walking into a pub and everyone else making a beeline for the door. Such a big head in more ways than one.
It was an amusing act. I like him.
It's just his Chaser persona, i watched a program he did about trying to cut out sugar, he was on for quite a few weeks and he always came across as a really nice guy.
I've never seen the programme but, upon looking up info about the guy, I see that his degree is in Mathematics and that he taught the subject at secondary level for 15 years. As those statements also apply to me, I can understand exactly how life has made him turn out a bit 'odd' ;-)

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