Can You Help Me Find A Movie I Saw A Long Time Ago?

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Black_Sabbath7 | 16:59 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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So i saw a movie 10 years ago and i try to find it's title for years. Nowdays i don't remember much but here is what i remember

-It is a horror/mystery movie with comedy elements (I still remember a joke/horror scene where the protagonist is chased by some weird skeleton creatures and he is simultaneously complaining that he stepped on *** with his new shoes)
-It is about a family which moves on a creepy house
-The dad is an african american actor (And possibly the whole family). I don't remember any names though
-At some point in the movie they try to find a key and when they find it the weird skeleton creatures awake
-There is a conspiracy with a murder in the house. A tragedy about the previous owner i belive
-For some reason there is a small pool of blood in a corner inside the house (If i rememebr correctly that's the spot the muder happend )
-The spirit of the person who was murdered still haunts the house.

I Know i don't give much. I need the help of a super movie geek (lol). Thanks for your time


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The Haunted Mansion (?)
17:03 Wed 26th Jan 2022
Pleased I could help :-)

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Can You Help Me Find A Movie I Saw A Long Time Ago?

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