After Life

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jennyjoan | 18:01 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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I have never seen it but heard that it got great reviews - can you only see it on Netflix cos this lady aint paying anymore money for any more TV.


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If there is an after life, " I shall come back and let you know " ~
so said my husband before he died ~ that was twenty seven
years ago ~ alas I have not heard from him.

I loved it, JJ. I think it’s only on Netflix.
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I always thought u were a nun
JJ just join for a month at the basic level of £5.99 then cancel. You could also watch all series of Derek and anything else you fancied in that time.
It is indeed only available on Netflix, so this lady’s gonna have to pay to watch it…unless you’ve a friend with Netflix who can let you watch it at theirs. Worth the sub fee alone in my opinion. It’s outstanding tv
It is absolutely brilliant jennyjoan but you will need a couple of boxes of tissues,. Some parts are very sad.

I think it is only available on Netflix
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well for £5.99 will I get all of whoever Derek is
JJJ Yes. You will have your pick of everything on Netflix you want to watch, for a month.
Derek is another good series by Ricky Gervaise.

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is After Life and Derek two separate programmes.

Mind you I don't like Ricky Gervais

Oh - can I record them as wouldn't have time to watch box sets as such

I guess I need to hurry up and watch them in that "free" month LOL
Yes they are two separate programmes jj but I thought you liked RG as you wanted to watch After Life.

So, even if you don't bother this time with Netflix just remember it is always there for you at the current basic level of £5.99/month.
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thanks LB - that's right I don't like RG but believe in After Life he is simply "superb".
I've never liked him, JJ. but After Life is very different and well worth watching. 'Derek' too. I really enjoyed both.
And so is "Derek" jj:-).
JJ, it's worth saying that if you do go for it, be sure to watch After Life Series 1 & 2 first. I found it easy to click on the wrong one (but perhaps you're better than me with technology).
Not RG, but I'd watch The Big C as well, if you are going for the free months.

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