Katy Price Mucky Mansion

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smurfchops | 17:15 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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So are Channel 4 actually paying to renovate Katy Price’s Mucky Mansion? This girl always lands on her feet ….. no pun intended.


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I was wondering how the heck she was going to pay for it. The freebies must be huge, because 45k isn't a lot for renovations on a house of that size.
Channel 4 isn't paying for the revovations - directly. Maybe the production company Captive Minds Media paid. I know there will be a lot of freebies from suppliers but even so it's going to be a big job.
Whatever we think of her, which in my case isn't a lot, she's a very shrewd business woman.
"This girl always lands on her feet ….. no pun intended"
what pun is there?
Excellent! Every time she appears on TV I'm reminded of what classy is.

She's also a beacon of restraint in augmentation, a role model for passably attractive but otherwise unremarkable, unemployable young women who imagine the world owes them everything.

I'll be recording this so I can fast-forward to the adverts.
bednobs - some time last year Katie jumped over a wall and landed on her feet - breaking them.
Just imagine if this was a BBC programme

The times postbag would be overflowing
When Dick Strawbridge renovated his chateau on his very small budget I wondered how he did it.
Is it any different, really?
Whatever we think of her, which in my case isn't a lot, she's a very shrewd business woman.
Funny what is now perceived as a business woman.
I always assumed she had a manager begging media companies to give her airtime.
And he must have had a loads of help , despite the impression ,given he was doing most of the work himself
Mine was in response to barry's
Totally agree, Bazile. To be frank, he doesn't look fit enough to have the stamina to do all that himself, even with Angela's help
She will do anything for publicity. Even exploiting her children ( especially Harvey ). I have no time for her .
Nothing wrong in getting your gaff renovated for free , anne
No different either from people who choose to appear in those 'lifestyle' programmes and get their filthy homes cleaned for nothing; or their years of hoarding sorting out.
It is still a very cheap programme to produce.
I won't be watching

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Katy Price Mucky Mansion

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