What Is Happening To The World?

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Sqad | 16:57 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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ITV tonight.

Celebrity Catchphrase.
The Masked Singer.
Ant and Dec
The John Bishop Show

All from 1800 hours-2215 hrs.

BBC is not much better.


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Saturday has always been rubbish tv. Blind Date, Generation Game, Noel Edmunds House Party....
I record programmes, sqad. That way I can avoid the dross and watch something more interesting - and skip the adverts too.
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I know barry.......I know.
read a book
I am doing "for Love and Money" - all the latest financial scandals
and Hardy: The well beloved
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We do too naomi.
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PP..can't read a book. I have never been able to, I admire people who can get engrossed.
I lose interest after 10mins.
Why are celebs so loud on game shows ? calm down for eavens sake it only a game .You can still go back to your day job .
Yes, TV is often dire in the evenings. I've started using the time to write - short stories mainly, but I've finished 1 children's book and am on with another. So, in a way it is a good thing, OH gets on with some serious reading and we may use a bit of time to do a crossword.
Saturday nights are for going to the pub or out for a meal
On the upside now we have YouTube and catch-up TV to search for something decent. BBC4 has some great programmes. Smithsonian Channel has some good stuff. Sky Arts is pretty good. I do agree it is harder to happen across good things - you have to go and search for something. Luckily I have 187 VHS tapes from the 90s onwards. I love watching old adverts from those days. Well, that's my evening's viewing sorted :(
barry1010 - what does that esoteric & strangely cryptic set of words mean? "going to the pub or out for a meal" - what could it be?
How do they get away with a 150 quid license fee? Do they still do Dad's Army every Saturday as they have done for the last half a century?

Apart from a bit of (highly biased) news, I don't watch live TV, mostly Netflix & YouTubes
A long time since we had the A-team,The Dukes Of Hazzard,The Generation Game,3-2-1,the Teleprinter telling us the football scores on a Saturday night.Nowadays we have aerosols like Ant&Dec .God help us.
Which proves it was always rubbish :-)
…. and there are other BBC and ITV channels tho I see it’s Dolly Parton night on BBC2

The licence fee works out miles cheaper than eg a Sky subscription of course as we always point out. Great tho I actually also think Sky is
I've been watching catch up TV , mainly animal programmes and a couple of YouTube channels.

'Mentour pilot', ' house of history' and 'that chapter' are my current favourites on YouTube.

I dont actually have a TV.
I don't think the news is biased. It will only seem bias if if the news item highlights something you don't want to hear. And that would be all channels reporting the news.

I have no interest in Saturday evening TV. At the moment I'm working on a jigsaw puzzle and leaving little Tigs to watch the kids channels. Also I've got housework to do which I hate and have been putting off all day!
I don't consider the World to be what's on the box in the corner.

There's plenty on tonight if you look around - I realise everyone may not have all the same Freeview channels.
Two of those four programmes I will be recording and enjoy watching them back ! Just a bit of fun and escapism.
By "the world" you mean roughly a six-hour period on two TV channels?

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