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goodgoalie | 14:47 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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On Wednesday there's a programme on BBC 1 'Learning To Read At 51', which the blurb tells us 'follows the Repair Shop host as he embarks on a six-month course to learn to read.' It will be interesting to learn how he comes to have a BA degree in Criminology and Philosophy from New Buckingham University!


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Barry amongst others I'm sure will be pleased this is being aired at last.
According to wiki...

// As a young man he worked as a labourer and in factories.[4] He then went to Buckinghamshire New University as a mature student to study criminology.[4][10] It was at the time he entered university, when aged 31, that he was diagnosed with the reading ability of an 11-year old.[11] //

Interesting...maybe all will be explained in the documentary.
I’ll be interested, too.
Diagnosed as dyslexic at 31. Must have been a real struggle for him but somehow he did it. Can't have been easy for him. Apparently he didn't have an easy childhood. He was brought up by his mother but he did have a large extended family. His father had 26 children by different women.
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I'm fully aware of his background and that he had a difficult childhood. What I want to know is how he got a degree when he needs to 'learn to read'.
whatever - it's good to know that some folks can turn their lives around after a bad start. I think Monty Don was another such.

Actually I think I saw Jay do a hands turn on some woodwork on the "Repair Shop" once!
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you must have been dreaming, dave :)
Entry requirements for that degree at that university
You will also need GCSE Maths and English at grade C/4 or above. A minimum of two full A-levels (or equivalent) is required.
I don't know if anybody has linked to this information. If I have followed the instructions correctly the relevant paragraph should be highlighted.,completely%20different%20world.%E2%80%9D
'It was while studying for his BA in Criminology and Philosophy that he discovered he had dyslexia – a condition that affects how the brain processes information. His ex-wife noticed he couldn’t read the textbooks and encouraged him to get assessed. He graduated with a 2:1 with the help of computer software that read out books and allowed him to dictate essays. “I loved university and learning – it was as if someone opened a door to a completely different world.”'
I'm hoping that this programme gives those with a longstanding view of Jay, his career and to a point his veracity some answers.

I'm not sure I hold out much hop of that though.

I know it will help and inspire others.
Good clip Wolf, I saw a clip earlier where he was doing early phonics and he displayed some real bewilderment - the simplest things many of us take for granted can be an uphill battle for others.
How did he get on the course in the first place?
How do you think people who are completely blind or partially-sighted gain higher qualifications, goodgoalie?

There are a whole range of learning tools available to support those whose studying-experiences are less straightforward than most.
It's the obvious thing to do, lie for 20 years about your reading ability and dyslexia and then make a TV program about how you learnt to read aged 51. I'm surprised nobody's done it before ...
^see both posts @17.31...
one of my best friends got an engineering degree despite having a reading age of less than 11. He went to a specialist dyslexic school, and has all sorts of gadgets to help. reading his emails is a bit like deciphering the live subtitles you get on some programs!
^^^ cause he has speech-to-text software
Universities and colleges offer all sorts of support to students - if they are aware. Jay claims to have got on the course despite having no qualifications and by copying an American application which presumably used American spelling and terminology.

It doesn't ring true for me
perhaps as a mature student he had a fantastic interview and they waived the requirements. Another of my friends has a daughter at uni - she had a steiner education and didnt do formal exams

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