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Ken4155 | 00:05 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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The supernatural is not usually a genre i enthuse about but the above series has me hooked. I've watched 4 of the 8 episodes tonight and will no doubt complete the series over the weekend. It begins with Dan being asked to restore some video tapes that were rescued from a hotel fire. It gets weirder and weirder but in episode 4, things do get a tad clearer.
There is a touch of Rosemary's Baby about it in that much of the action takes place in the hotel that was burned to the ground. Though no baby is involved, the tenants of the hotel are an odd bunch, to say the least.
Highly recommend it.


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Thanks Ken. We'll give it a whirl as we're looking for new things and waiting for next series of things to start.
yeah wodged it
rosemary's baby - yes esp some of the corridors and the room where 'it' happens - wall lights.

Dan is gay by the way - oh he doesnt do David Camerons with a dead body or anything - but that does matter

mix in the Jake Gyllenhaal train crash film

oh and some of the flashbacks and 'in the last program' are in fact flashforwards - which seems to be a 2022 fashion - the Maxine Peake series Fly Dynamics does the same thing

Ozark is back
oh and watch the Maxine Peake series
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Hate to be a pedant, Pete -after all, that's your job :-) - but Maxine Peake's latest series is not called Fly Dynamics. That's where she works in 'Rules Of The Game'.
As an aside, since she 'ditched' the fringe, do you not think she has a bit of a 'tefal-head' thing going on?

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Archive 81 - Netflix

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