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burlyshirley | 10:22 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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On Monday night, Stu found a note and handed it to Yasmeen who promptly burst into tears. I thought we'd find out why last night, but nothing (unless I missed it !). What on earth is going on ?


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The note was from Alya and no doubt we'll find out more on Friday
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I did wonder if it was from Alya barry, but Yasmeen was still being cool with both her Grandkids last night. Seems strange not to have sorted it then
Stu said it was from Alya. She might be off with them and loathe what they've done but she still loves them.

Can I pinch your heading and ask another question?.

Just a short one.

Summer changed into someone else, is she now the first Summer who has grown in height or have I totally lost my marbles?

And sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. Thanks.

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pat - no it's a different Summer, a better actor !

ok barry, I didn't hear him say it's from Alya. I still think it's strange that she burst into tears like that and is still treating the girl badly. I think she has a funny way of showing she still loves them by changing the locks !

Is that the third one or still the second one?
Actually , I'm finding Yasmeen irritating now and overacting.
Second one Lottie. First one (Matilda Freeman) and this one (Harriet Bibby)
Yasmeen is annoying me as well.
Harriet Bibby is nearly 24!
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Yes, Yasmeen is getting on my wick too !!
And the silliness of Craig doing an inspector Clouseau on that crutch !
I watched classic Corrie last week, the one where Raquel turns up on NYE of the millennium to tell Curly he’s a Daddy but she’d fallen for a Frenchman and wanted Curly to be happy for her, it was sad, it was poignant….it was classic and the writing was first class !
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And Tim still not telling Sally about his major op !
Who put up the £32 000 reward for Joseph?
^... for Joseph's return?
Ellie, Dev put up £3k and Alya thinks Yasmeen donated the dirty money
Thanks Barry

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