Piers Morgan Commenting On Strictly

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grumpy01 | 18:48 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | Media & TV
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I see he couldn’t resist a go at Dan Walker after he was eliminated from Strictly.Dan may perhaps have been kept on longer than he should have by the popularity vote but at least he has had a go.Morgan should shut his mouth and get on with what he’s paid to do.


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What did he say about him ?
Piers Morgan is a no no in our household Grumpy. An obnoxious man. We avoid him like the plague.
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He said I see you were fifth best and Nadia should have had a better pupil.
* he's
As some might say, he comes across as a nasty piece of work. I'd like to see how he'd do. Why do some seem to find being mean a necessity?
I hope Dan takes no notice. He did his very best and truly enjoyed himself. If people voted to keep him in, then so be it, not Dan's fault. He gave his all to that show. Shut up Piers !!
Pasta, it makes them worth money. Shock jocks, and general show-offs, monetarise their disgustingness by appealing to a certain part of the population who agree with them, or simply admire them for being clever and brave and "saying what we all think but are too scared to admit it".
It makes them stand out from the common herd of "sheeple". Dontcha love the slang that Nasties use!?
Getting paid to mouth off...who knew :0
but grumpy ... you said a very similar thing:
except presumably you didnt get paid for it?
Pier 'Scrotum' Morgan - the man who makes one itch in the wrong place. No thank you - the world would be a better place if he retired or was booted out.
GRUMPY, you said the other week it was fixed for Dan to win.

What happened then?
Grumpy lost his £100 wonder the sour comments
I can understand why Jeremy Clarkson stuck on on him.
Question Author
Ok so Dan went but it wasn’t his fault that he was kept in by either voting or elsewhere.However your other dig about WWTBAM can someone explain why intelligent people like Alexander Armstrong and Jim Moir would throw away £32,000 of money they had won for a charity when they had no idea of the answer.It doesn’t make sense to me.
You were hopelessly wrong about Strictly so why are you so sure still about WWTBAM?
They're both on Twitter, you could ask them.

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Piers Morgan Commenting On Strictly

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