Bbc Drama - You Don’t Know Me (With Spoilers)

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drmorgans | 08:34 Mon 06th Dec 2021 | Media & TV
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1/4 - A young man is on trial for murder. The evidence against him is compelling. He dispenses with his barrister and sums up himself - explaining how he met a young woman and fell in love. She moved in then one day disappeared. He enlisted a drug dealer (the man who was killed) to help him find her. He then sees the woman working as a street prostitute. He vows to get her back.

Was the portrayal of the courtroom accurate; in particular, would the accused sum up from the dock, or alongside the legal teams.


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sum up?
Question Author

He summarised his defence and explained why the prosecution evidence didn't prove his guilt.
The accused is allowed to do the closing speech, integrating the evidence that has been heard (and, as the judge said last night, no new evidence can be introduced). Maybe the accused can do that only if he doesn't have legal representation... which is why last night's accused sacked his legal team.
It’s worth watching……… so far .
Yawn-fest. I persevered through 45 minutes but cared nothing for any of the characters and got fed up with the snail's pace and reached for the off button. I've since read a review which described the series as "more like an audio book". Spot on IMHO. So dull on TV.
It’s based on a true story apparently??
Smowball, it's based on, adapted from a book - but not on a true story.
It promised so much and delivered so little.

I have seen worse and is worth watching.
^Was going to say 'must be very loosely based'.
Ahh ok fair enough. I did have it on to watch but wasn’t gripped - kept getting up and doing other bits then coming back, so like Sqad said, I’ve seen worse but wasn’t absolutely thrilling.
I'm only watching to see how Biggie Coats, leader of the Willesden Massive, gets rubbed out.......innit.
Only seen two episodes so far.
We think it's quite good, different..
is he guilty?
No spoiler……….. binged on bbc IPlayer. It’s good .
I found it watchable but not compelling. OH read a book while I watched (as usual).
I'll probably continue to watch it if I remember. But not binge watch.

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Bbc Drama - You Don’t Know Me (With Spoilers)

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